With the smartcamera, video surveillance has never been easier! Thanks to an application installed on your smartphone, your PC or Mac will easily drive your smartcamera. They are inexpensive and easy to use. , You will be able to easily monitor your inside and outside of your home thanks to a long-range Wi-Fi technology, allowing installation up to 80m away. Secure your home and family with 360-degree smart cameras with infrared night vision and unparalleled image quality. All the connected surveillance cameras we offer are compatible with IOS and Android. Choose the smartcamera that fits your needs.


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Smartcamera 720 p 1080

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The smartcamera allows you to monitor what is happening at home at any time. Thanks to the smartcamera, you can monitor your rooms in your home even in total darkness.It can be used to monitor your child or as an alarm in case of intrusion. HD quality (720p) Wireless connection via Wi-Fi Works autonomously Infrared Night Vision P ush notifications when...

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